Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Make sure you read these terms carefully because it has points that govern how you should use this website and access its services. This is also applicable to our app (if there is any) or any other graphics, photos, or materials uploaded here.

Use of the Service

Our online communication services are only made available for the users over the age of 18. You can involve in a conversation with your friends, strangers, or any individual of your choice. As long as you abide by our terms, you will be provided with our services without any hassle.

Orbgirls allows its users to stop seeking any services whenever they want. The sole purpose of giving this right to the users is to make them feel comfortable whenever they use our services.

At orbgirls, you should not

  • Make a copy or modifications or share the content of this website for any reason;
  • Lease, rent, lend, or create a similar copy of the website in any situation;
  • Distribute its content or services to any third-party website;
  • Disassemble or distribute the available services to different users, under any circumstances;
  • Unlawfully use the services in any manner.

Applicable terms

These terms are applicable to our website or subsidiaries hat you access through any means.

By using orbgirls.com, you agree to the following:

  • These terms are a wrap up between the user and orbgirls and not with any other service provider.
  • We do not have any obligation to maintain or offer you the support services.
  • If there is any applicable warranty of the services offered here, you should be given a refund for the same, in case of any damages or failure to comply with our services.
  • We do not entertain any losses, damages, or claims that are not mentioned in any part of the website.

How to access orbgirls?

For accessing our communication services, a user needs to register/create an account on our platform. By creating an account, you must acknowledge the fact that you are of the specified legal age and you are not someone who is restricted from using our services.

While the account creation, you need to share certain necessary information with us which may include your phone number or email address or any other information which helps us in communicating with you. We have all the rights to update, edit, or modify the information of an account that too without notifying you.

You hereby agree to give us the rights to use the information you have shared with us.

While registration, you shouldn’t:

  • Enter any fake information regarding you.
  • Create an account on anyone else’s behalf with or without his permission.
  • Register as a company because this website offers services only to individuals.
  • Use anyone else’s information including his email address/phone number.
  • Impersonate anyone else or an organization with any bad intentions.
  • Use any details on which someone else has the copyright.
  • Use a username that vulgar or hurts others sentiments.

In reference to this, we have all the rights to terminate or cancel your registration without giving you any prior notice. We do so if any information provided by you is found misleading or false. In case you share any information that does not comply with our terms, then also you are subject to suspended. Also, you shall not be provided with any services further, if you are found to be violating our terms.

Notify us

In case you come across a person who is not abiding by our terms or breaching the data, then you must get in touch with us and let us know about the same. After that, we will take the necessary action to remove that person from using our services. If you do not do so, then you shall be responsible for your actions or communication with them.

Our services

At orbgirls.com we let the users get in a personal communication with the males and females of different age groups. We do not keep a record of your private messages.


You acknowledge that the information shared by you is not of anyone else but you and you give us all the rights to use it.